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Jeanne is an Award Winning Producer, Actress, Entrepreneur, and Professional Creative Artist. She is a Founding Partner at Koda Tribe Entertainment, a female driven Entertainment Media Production Company that targets global audiences with 21st Century storytelling, who's mission is to not only create balance between industry artists, but to inspire positive cultural change and human connection through their work.

After years of dedicated study, allowing her to learn from renown, high profile industry professionals, Jeanne has significant experience as a film/tv actress and producer and shifts easily from in front of the camera to behind-the-scenes. She has been recognized as a skilled leader, collaborator, and communicator who works with diverse and talented teams to bring her visions to life. She is always seeking new opportunities to learn, grow, and catch reel at a time.

Jeanne is passionate about veganism, animal activism, mental health, environmentalism, and social justice and incorporates these values into her projects. As someone who works to support and lift others on their journey through life, she jointly authored a book titled "Women On A Mission: Stories of trials, tribulations, and triumphs”, written to empower and inspire those encountering adversity on the road to personal and professional success.

Jeanne grew up on the east coast, Virginia and North Carolina, only to transplant to California in the mid 90's to call it her home.

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