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Caddie Tales

I was recently cast in a comedy series to come titled CADDIE TALES!


In less time than it takes to play a round of 18 holes, take a sneak peek

into golf's caddie experience, an adventure enjoyed by only one percent of players.

Inspired by true stories from caddies at top golf destinations around the world,

Caddie Tales for the 99 Percenters will entertain golfers and non-golfers alike.


Synopsis coming soon!

WOM Woman On A Mission

I am deeply honored and privileged to be one of the authors amongst an amazing group of women who have bare their souls and laid before you open, honest, and raw truth that will undoubtedly empower and inspire you. For me, this has been a project of pure inspiration & passion right from the start. As I continue to travel down the path of self discovery and awareness, what I once feared facing, I now embrace. Through adversity, I am consistently shown reflections of my own darkness and truth, therefore, gaining a better understanding of myself, others, and the world around me. This book is yet another path towards my own evolvement, in return allowing me the opportunity to possibly help another along her journey. The love I feel for this project and the women involved runs profoundly deep.

The authors of this book are woman who have "overcome adversity and triumphed, and are paving their way towards Success, or has a testimonial of Success!"

The book is meant to inspire and empower others.

#1 on Amazon, Great Reviews!

Bamboo Dreams

I'm very proud to have been cast as one of the several dynamic characters of FunkyTiki's Bamboo Dreams TV series!

Oakland, CA –FunkyTiki, LLC, an Oakland-based production company, will launch Bamboo Dreams, a co-op web series featuring a talented Bay Area cast and crew in an ongoing, captivating narrative which follows the lives and dreams of characters who work in the Bamboo Bar or live in the building that houses it. The target audience is the entire range of hip hop culture, both past and present.


Bamboo Dreams is being shot at the House of Music in downtown Oakland, California which is owned and operated by D’ Wayne P. Wiggins founder of the R&B music group Tony! Toni!


Writer/Director Darcel Walker, who resides in Oakland, wants this production to help create a more positive outlook for those who have lost hope and lost sight of their dreams.  


Currently working on the dramatic film 'STREETS' as Producer and one of the lead actors.


“STREETS” is a drama about two women who find that real love is based not on wealth, but on caring. Although they come from two very different worlds... worlds that may appear to be different... there remains a common thread, to escape, to find a better, more fulfilling life.


"Streets" is a story about the human condition. We all need to be loved, to be appreciated, whether it is a wealthy woman who finds herself lost in the dark or the homeless woman who is tired of a life in the mean streets of Sacramento.


"This is an important project for me for two reasons: First, being that I was homeless at one time, there needs to be more help and resources available for the homeless population, not only in Sacramento, but also in most cities in the US. Second, I wanted to produce a film that will showcase the incredible talent that exists in the Sacramento and San Francisco independent film communities. It's my hope that "Streets" will be a breakout film that everyone involved in it will find rewarding and a source of pride."  ~JKW~




The Traffick

Currenlty working on a web series titled 'THE TRAFFICK' as one of the lead actors.


"THE TRAFFICK"... a web series... bringing awareness to this horrific atrocity... An escalating, heinous crime against humanity, worldwide. Elected governments are incapable of fighting it through lawful means. What's next? Time for ACTION!


Watch Season 1 on our Facebook page! 


Stay tuned for Season 2...

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